June 18 2015
travel bucket list

Cuba has long been on my travel bucket list, and it’s always been my plan to visit the country well before it turns into a tourist hot spot once the U.S. embargo has been lifted. After this announcement was made, Anthony and I changed our plans to go to Morocco (sorry Morocco!) and booked a ticket to Cuba.

We are spending two weeks in Cuba hoping from one city to another in search for the best mojito and hidden paladeros. Cuba has virtually no internet and phone reception. I’m nervous yet looking forward to completely switching off and drink the creative energy of the country.

As a big proponent of to-do lists, I’m looking forward to ticking this off my travel bucket list:

1. Experiencing the different casa particulars and sampling home cooked meals.

2. Explore the coast of Malecon Havana in a hot pink vintage car.

3. Eating my way through the best paladeros of Havana.

4. Reading this book cover to cover by the beach in Varadero.

5. Dancing cuban salsa in the streets of Trinidad (preferably intoxicated).

4. Capturing the colors, spirit and the people of Cuba with my camera.

5. Sample the mojitos that come my way.

6. Hearing Anthony converse in Spanish (preferably intoxicated).

I’d love to know - is Cuba on your travel bucket list? If it is, I’ll come back packed with photos and travel tips to share with you on the blog.

In the meantime, I’ve lined up great content while I’m away so be sure to check my blog on a daily basis for fresh new posts.

Hope you enjoy it!


  • Karen , one day, almost 5 years ago, I won a trip to Cuba! Yes I won! The island is fantastic, people are unique. I had so much fun.
    Enjoy your holidays!!

    • Amazing! We must talk and exchange notes and stories. Hope to see you soon.