January 8 2015
Quick and Easy Style Hacks Cover

All images via W magazine

As I was leafing through my stack of fashion magazines the other days, there were noticeable headlines on the covers: “10 Items You Need in 2015”, “What To Buy In 2015”, “Awesome Buys To Kick Off The New Year”.

“NEW YEAR, NEW CREDIT CARD DEBT” is what it all sounded like to me.

You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe to be stylish in 2015; you can be stylish all year round, because style is all about how you pull an outfit together, not having new clothes. To help with the quest to a fashionable year, I’ve narrowed down these quick and easy style hacks that won’t cost you anything.

With these simple, easy adjustments, you can make an impact and elevate your outfit to street style status. The key is to make it look effortless, so embrace it and wear your clothes with confidence.

Take a fashion cue from these street style snaps and tuck it, drape it, roll it and off you go!


DRAPE YOUR JACKET: sounds impractical but wearing your jacket as a cape will instantly make you look like a royal.

Quick and Easy Style Hacks- Drape It

HALF TUCK YOUR TOP: Half tuck your top in front was made famous by J.Crew catalogue. Have you seen how effortlessly chic the models look? Here’s how to master J.Crew’s famous ‘Half-Tuck’.

Quick and Easy Style Hacks- Tuck It

SCRUNCH YOUR SLEEVES: instead of rolling your sleeves, scrunch it up by simply pulling the sleeves above your elbows. It creates texture and flare to a simple top without looking too put together.

Quick and Easy Style Hacks- Scrunch It

TIE IT TO YOUR WAIST: Tying something around your waist gives the illusion of a smaller waistline. It’s also a practical way to carry your jacket or sweater.

Quick and Easy Style Hacks- Waist It

RETHINK YOUR SCARF KNOT: A scarf is an easy accessory that add texture, color and dimension to your outfit. Think of different ways to tie one, in fact, here’s a master list for you.

Quick and Easy Style Hacks- Scarf It

HAIR TUCK: Hide a bad hair day, prevent static hair and look chic at the same time. Tuck your hair into your sweater, scarves or coats to make you look effortlessly on the go and a lot more stylish than a regular ponytail.

Quick and Easy Style Hacks- Hair Tuck

See more street style inspirations here.

What about you stylish ladies out there - what are your styling secrets?

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