January 6 2015
Christmas in Berlin Cover

Why did we spend Christmas in Berlin? It was pulled out of a hat, literally. Let me tell you the story. Deciding where to go on a holiday as a family (in my case, my in-laws) feels very much like taking part of the UN summit, where all members agree to disagree, yet no resolution (or destination) is ever found. My solution? Do a draw and so we did. My father-in-law was smug about his choice.

Berlin was not my destination of choice but I was very excited at the idea of spending a white Christmas away from Doha.

We immersed ourselves in the holiday spirit of the city, visiting Christmas markets, drinking mulled wine, sampling traditional German treats and of course, did a little bit of shopping.

We had a lot of special moments but Christmas Eve takes the first place for me. 5-course gastronomy meal at the Adlon Kempinski overlooking the Brandenburg Gate was definitely something special. The more champagne and wine we had, the louder and louder we became, so much so that I can honestly say we were the rowdiest bunch in the room.

I had planned to give you a small travel guide but nobody told us that the city sleeps from 24-26 December so our choices were very much limited and our itinerary was restricted to the few places that are kind enough to entertain lost tourists like us. Not to say we didn’t have fun, we made the most out of our trip and had an absolute blast.

Here’s a glimpse of our time in Berlin.


Christmas in Berlin-01 Christmas in Berlin-02 Christmas in Berlin-03  Christmas in Berlin-05 Christmas in Berlin-06 Christmas in Berlin-08
Christmas in Berlin-09
Christmas in Berlin-10 Christmas in Berlin-15 Christmas in Berlin-26 Christmas in Berlin-11 Christmas in Berlin-14 Christmas in Berlin-24 Christmas in Berlin-16 Christmas in Berlin-13 Christmas in Berlin-25 Christmas in Berlin-17 Christmas in Berlin-23 Christmas in Berlin-27 Christmas in Berlin-20 Christmas in Berlin-22

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  • BEAUTIFUL photos of Berlin! What a fun place to visit over the holiday- I’ve been trying to convince my family for years to ditch the presents and go on a vacation!

    • It’s worth it. We exchanged presents on Christmas but it was more stocking stuffer than actual presents. The present is the holiday. It’s never too late!

  • Miri

    Beautiful photos of Berlin. I have never visited this city, thank you for sharing!


  • Such lovely pictures! It sounds like you made the most of it! I love the idea of a destination being picked by drawing from a hat! So great!

    • It prevents family fights and there’s no one to blame if the holiday didn’t go as planned :)

  • Gorgeous photos! And I love how your family chose your holiday destination. Too funny!