November 27 2014
Liebster Award Clumsy Chic

During my absence in the blogersphere, I was nominated my friend and new mommy blogger Milk and Sandcastles for a Liebster award. No, it’s not a lobster award, although I wish the prize was that. ‘Sweetest, lovely, cute and endearing’ in German, Liebster award stems from the idea of recognizing and promoting new bloggers in the horizon. The rules are simple, answer the questions of the blogger that nominated you and nominate 2 other bloggers to pass on the award to. Let’s spread the love to the other aspiring bloggers like me.  So here goes my answers and see my nominations at the end of the post.

Thank you Claire for the nomination! I now pass this forward to my amazing movie blogger friend Kemz Movies and the next Martha Stewart, Marmite et Ponpon. Make sure you follow these new movies and shakers in the blogging world.


  • Anthony