July 31 2014

Visiting Angkor City had been a life long dream of mine way before Tomb Raider movie came out and to have it come true was definitely the highlight of my trip.

With only one full day to spare, we hired a driver that took us to the most important sites starting with the ‘City of Temples’ Angkor Wat. I stood in silence for a second upon greeting this majestic site, grateful for the moment and stunned with what my eyes was seeing. Stretching over 400km2, I learned that Angkor Wat is bigger than Paris. We followed the signage tracks stopping every few steps to admire the intricate details on the stones. We reached the center of the complex, which is a towering temple. The steep steps to reach the temple represent the difficulty of getting into the kingdom of heaven. It’s been said that the Angkor Wat was an aspiration to built heaven on earth, and it really feels like that.

After three hours in Angkor Wat, he headed off to the wall city of Angkor Thom in the incredible and haunting Bayon temple famously known for its carved stone faces that dominates every angle of its 54 towers. We explored the surrounding temples of Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King.

Saving the best for last, we headed to Ta Prohm or the now famously called the ‘Tomb Raider’ because of the infamous tiger scene in this very temple. This temple is an evidence of the true force of Mother Nature. The ruins are held hostage under gigantic roots that look like giant octopus arms. You will feel like a true Lara Croft walking through it.

Eight hours have passed, and we have seen every angle one of the most prominent temples in Angkor city. It was truly a dream come true.

Angkor Wat is one of those places you should visit before you die. Here are some helpful tips to getting there and around:


Siem Reap has its own airport, and regional carriers fly directly to Siem Reap. Qatar Airways flies direct to Siem Reap.


Siem Reap relies heavily on tourism, so everyone speaks English. There are heaps of affordable boutique hotels in Siem Reap (we stayed here) and are in proximity to Angkor archeological park. Tuk Tuk is your best way of transportation that can take you anywhere for a dollar.


Getting around the different temples in Angkor city is very easy by hiring a personal tuk tuk for the day or hiring a personal driver and van. You can also rent a bike but if I suggest saving your energy for exploring the actual site, unless you are crazy.


1. You will need a passport (it’s really a pass) to enter the temples and can easily be procured at the sales booth which your driver or guide can take you to. One day pass or three-day pass can be purchased, and you need to carry this around with you at all times to enter the temple.

2. Angkor is a city full of temples and considered a holy site and a place for worship. Conservative dressing should be observed when entering the temples. Tank tops and shorts are forbidden, but it’s probably for the best since it will protect you from the scorching heat.

3. The heat and long walks can take a lot out of you so stay hydrated at all times. There are tons of little shacks outside the temple area selling cold water, soft drinks and fresh coconuts.

4. When and where do we eat? It was my serious question to Anthony since we are spending an entire day in the middle of the jungle.  A lot of the hotels can arrange a picnic basket for you, but there are nearby restaurants that your guide or driver can take you too.

5. Angkor is so vast in size and magnificent in real life that taking photos to capture the grandeur of the place was a real challenge. I suggest letting this go, drop the camera and appreciate the beauty of the place with your own eyes.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a line in the contact page of the blog.



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