March 20 2013
beauty how to pixie hair

Chopping my hair off was the boldest hair decision I’ve made but one that I quickly embraced.

Having a pixie cut is very low maintenance, which is ideal for a lazy girl like me but I love having the option of getting to play with different hairstyles. There are probably countless ways to style a pixie but I want to share with you my three go-to hairstyles and how to achieve each look.


Look 1: Sleeked back rocker

This hairstyle is edgy but still looks fresh. I have a round face and having my hair pulled back like this can help elongates my face. To achieve this look, towel dry wet hair once you get out of the shower and apply a small amount of gel and comb your hair back. Let it dry naturally and keep it in place with a veil of hairspray.


Look 2: Everyday Messy

This is my everyday hairstyle because it requires minimum effort. I can also control on how messy I want my hair to be with a little dry wax. Working on a dirty hair is best to achieve this look. I apply a pea size amount of gel on my dry hair and brush it to the direction I want my hair to naturally fall. I then take a small amount of dry wax and work on piecing out my hair to create texture. Once I’m happy with the result, I finish it with some hairpsray.


Look 3: Sophisticated Sleek

A deep part sleek hairstyle is perfect for any fancy occasion or on a date night. A deep part changes the angle of my face and it gives me that little sophistication. I start off with a towel dried wet hair and with a teasing comb, I created a deep part and smooth out my hair as to my liking. I then add some gel to smooth it and to give it that smooth shiny effect. Once my hair is dry, I spray a bit of hairspray on the front part to keep my bangs from falling off.

Happy styling!


  • aizee

    hi! i’m from Doha too and follow your blog. i was wondering where you get your haircut from? there’s really a scarcity of good and trendy hairstylists in this country, so it’ll be a big help if you share where you had your hair done. thanks! *i love your short hair* =)