January 11 2015
Style Resolutions- Recyle  Wardrobe-Cover

Style Resolution 2: Thou shalt recycle my wardrobe. How many times have we used the excuse “It’s an investment piece” to justify a purchase only to find it shoved at the back of your closet after one wear? After a much-needed closet clean up this month, I found some pieces that are once ‘investment pieces’, […]


March 4 2014
March Must Have

As if doing Insanity workout wasn’t hard enough, I tortured myself even more and went on an ‘online shopping detox’ for a whole month. When I’m feeling fashion cyberspace deprived, window-shopping in malls provided a little bit of comfort.  It was a nice reminder that before being sucked into the online shopping vortex, I would pound […]


August 11 2013

I kicked off my Eid staycation with a champagne brunch last weekend. I have week off holiday that are now filled with dinner commitments with friends and family. Since everyone is on a celebration mode, I’ve come to accept the fact that I may potentially put on some weight during this time. With this in […]


August 2 2013
Week Roundup-1 August

We are one week away from Eid and I’m excited about it but I’m kind of lamenting the end of Ramadan since I got used to my shortened working hours. This week, I put in some effort to do something after work instead of napping as mentioned last week. I enjoyed a leisurely lunch with […]


August 1 2013
August Must Have

The fashion world has already moved on to pre-fall, it hasn’t given women like us a chance to enjoy summer! Fall is the last thing on my mind right now since summer is still in full effect here in Doha. I have moved my mindset though from my beach summer holiday list seen here to more […]


July 28 2013

I go through different fashion phase often times influenced by the current trend. It’s fun to embrace and experiment with new looks but I always fall back to what looks good and feels comfortable. For me, it’s relying on basic but classic pieces and adding a little androgyny and rocker edge. This chambray and black […]


July 25 2013

Celebrities and street style stars are embracing the cropped tops this summer and I’m utterly crushing on this trend as well. How could you not? It’s the perfect combination of sexy and demure. It shows off a woman’s curves by highlighting the tiniest part of the waist and shows off that hard earned washboard abs. […]


June 30 2013

It’s rare that I go for girly flirtatious outfits since I’m easily mistaken as a 12-year old but it’s fun to embrace it from time to time especially in the summer. But my idea of ladylike style is always juxtaposed by something androgynous like a boyfriend blazer or this metallic footwear. Last week I wanted […]


June 23 2013

I live in easy breezy dresses in the summer. It’s a lazy girl’s solution to looking great and appropriately dressed in the heat without looking like you’re heading to the beach (I’m talking to about ladies who live in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops!). Over the years, I’ve collected a decent amount of summer dresses […]


May 2 2013

May means two things for me: my birthday and Cannes Film Festival. My birthday falls right around the start of the festival so I celebrate my birthday in Cannes with work friends and a trip to one of the stores along the croisette. Although, the film industry at the festival are generally relaxed with their […]