August 20 2015
Cannes Travel Guide

South of France is my first point of entry to France. I’ve been to Cannes for both work and personal almost every year and I joke that I know the place more than my in-laws. I did have a wonderful introduction to the city when my in-laws showed me around and took me to their […]


May 29 2013

I had the pleasure of going on a holiday in South of France (Cannes included) before traveling to Cannes Film Festival for work. I feel that I have more appreciation for the town behind the glitz, glamour and the celebration during the festival. I love going for my morning walk to work through Rue D’Antibe […]


May 27 2013

First of all, apologies for the weeklong silence, I was caught up with the craziness that is Cannes Film Festival. The atmosphere of the small city of Cannes lifts up during the festival with red carpet premieres, screenings, beach parties and yacht events that goes on almost 24 hours a day for two weeks. My […]