February 12 2017

Last Friday, I created a special family Valentine’s breakfast to celebrate our first Valentines as a family.

Those who have been following me on Instagram will know that we take our Friday brunch pretty seriously. Since Naomi still doesn’t get the concept of sleeping in during the weekends, we are all up bright and early even on Fridays. Gone are the days where I would stay in my pajamas and couch surf with a cup of coffee and magazine until noon. I’ve now learned to embrace a new Friday tradition that involves me whipping up a nice breakfast for my family at 7 a.m.

Since Valentines Day is in 2 days, I’ve decided to make our Friday breakfast a little special and added a few simple touches to show my family just how much I love them. It’s far from being elaborate; I simply wanted to elevate our typical buckwheat pancakes breakfast meal into a nice family Valentine’s Day breakfast.

If you’re feeling inspired to whip up a special meal for your family this Valentines Day, I promise that these were all done within an hour. I know because I timed it!


We have buckwheat pancakes every single Friday for breakfast using this recipe. I made an extra batch and stacked them high on a cake stand and topped it off with a rose strawberry because nothing gets your appetite going more than seeing a tall stack of delicious pancakes. For ‘Baby Moon’, I made her Oatmeal pancakes, which is basically just mashed banana and oatmeal, fried in a pan with some coconut oil. It’s her favorite. Both are served with lots of mangoes, blueberries and strawberries.

For dessert (yes we have dessert after a sweet breakfast), I bought some delicious chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements at Lagoona Mall. Naomi had a little bite and I can tell that this girl will be a chocolate addict like her Mom when she grows up.


Would this even pass as decoration? It’s our typical table setting, but I’ve added a sweet touch to it with this heart-shaped napkin, which I’ve learned how to fold on that day through here. Then I added an ombre carnation flower arrangement that I got from Maheseel Festival’s farmers market that’s worth QR40. The only thing that could potentially be called decoration is this heart garland that I ‘DIY’ed’ by cutting heart-shaped papers and sticking them on a string. It literally took me 10 mins to make these and the hearts don’t even need to all be the same size.

Last but not the least, this breakfast was topped off with champagne and lots of kisses for my two loves.

Since Valentines Day falls on a National Holiday due to Sports’ Day, why don’t you create a simple family Valentine’s breakfast like this one to fuel your family for the rest of the day ahead.

Happy Valentines Day from the Nicolets to yours.


  • That looks like a healthy valentines day breakfast :)
    You all look so pretty!!!

    • Awww. thank you. They did behave for the photos which made it easier to shoot. haha.

  • Sally Clark (Flying Food Ninja)

    Omgd I love this!!! Totally going to do this for Valentiens Day. Thanks for the awesome post!

    • Glad you like it! Next time, I’m doing this for you.

  • Valentines Day breakfast is a lovely idea! Your pictures are very pretty and vibrant too!

  • It’s so lovely to see the efforts you have put in to your tradition to make it more special for Valentine’s Day …

    • Thank you Jishma! Hope you had a good Valentines Day with your family as well.

  • Such a fun idea! I love the idea of celebrating Valentine’s at home with your family.

    • True. I simply made our Sunday brunch a little special with some simple touches.

  • I’m definitely gonna copy this idea for tomorrow morning! Even tho it’s sports day we r gna b couch potatoes in the morning, hence th brkfst in bed idea! Lovely shots! Enjoy the day tomo

    • I saw that you made pancakes this morning! Amazing. Good plan. Hope you had a good day.

  • Simple and sweet! But what great memories you are creating for you family!

    • Yes it’s these little moments that counts right?

  • Those buckwheat pancakes and chocolate strawberries look SO yummy! And these photos are so beautiful :) x

    • You should give it a go. It’s a great Sunday brunch recipe.

  • What a beautiful spread! The perfect Valentine’s breakfast or brunch!

    • and very easy to do as well! Happy Valentines Day Joscelyn

  • I loved the napkins! They are so cute and festive! Your daughter is adorable and what a wonderful treat on Friday’s. It is a great way to start the weekend!

  • Jill

    Beautiful photos! A great piece, thanks for sharing. I want pancakes now!!!