August 27 2015


Dior Flower Vase DIY

I have trouble throwing out designer paper bags especially the really nice ones like this Dior bag. I think it’s because, subconsciously I know that I’m paying for the packaging more than the actual product. I’m also at the end of the day, a huge sucker for packaging. I have a drawer full of empty net-a-porter boxes and jewelry boxes.

This mini Dior paper bag has temporarily been on my desk as a catchall for business cards, flyers and small objects. As I was cleaning out my desk one day, I couldn’t summon to throw it out so I decided to repurpose it to become a permanent fixture on my desk.

I got this idea of transforming this paper bag into a flower vase. All I did is find a tin can the size of the bag, open it up with a can opener, use it as a flower vase then place it inside the Dior paper bag. EASY!

You can do this with any paper bag of your choice. It’s a very simple trick to amplify your flowers.

Now, can someone tell me how to repurpose those pretty Net-a-porter boxes and ribbons?

Dior Paper Bag Dior Paper BagDior Paper Bag

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  • Super cute! love this DIY! I turned an Alexander McQueen boot into a vase! Bought it from a catalogue staff sale and turned out it was ways too big! Couldn’t return it so turned it into a vase! Check out for the September issue of Emirates woman magazine in which it will be featured! xxxxx! Sam