August 23 2015
Off the Shoulder Boater Hat Lack of Color

Top: Farrow (from Need Supply) | Pants: Zara | Hat: Lack of Colour

It took me a while to get on the off the shoulder train. It reminded me so much of an unfortunate time in High School where I wore a floral, ruffled version with gathered hem, it send me shivers just thinking about it. But when you’re desperately looking to wear something for this summer heat, an off the shoulder top seems like a very good option.

My first venture to off the shoulder was a dress I wore during my holiday and it’s gotten rave reviews from the husband. Listen up ladies, men find off the shoulder sexy as it shows a sliver of skin without looking to revealing.

I took that as a cue to purchase another one for the summer. This roomy top is heath and humidity-proof as it doesn’t stick to your skin and can easily see this transitioning into my Fall wardrobe with a few layering solution.

This hat though, didn’t get much vote in my household. I’ve been recently called a Mexican gondola driver. I’ll take it, in fact I even have a bandana  that goes with my gondola hat.

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