3 in 1 JUMPER

August 16 2015
Black Crane Pleats Jumper

Humidity season is upon us in Doha. This is the time where everyone hibernates inside the house, sunglasses immediately fogs up as soon as you step out, and you feel you’re being suffocated to death if you dare step outside even for 5 minutes.

The worst for me is the muggy feeling you get all the time, especially when your clothes sticks to your body faster like a suction cup. As a solution, I went on a hunt to find the loosest and billowy clothes in an attempt to ease my situation in this humid weather.

Enter this 3 in 1 Jumper from Black Crane. Not only is it this big shapeless piece of sack but also a functional sack! You can wear it three different ways: dress, wide-leg pants and jumper. The fabric is humidity proof and most importantly, this 3 in 1 jumper conceals the post-holiday belly rolls. I call that a trifecta!

Important note: Do NOT wear this 3 in 1 jumper on a date.

Jumper-3-in- Black Crane Need Supply  Jumper-3-in-1-01Jumper-3-in-1- Black Crane Need Supply

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  • I love that you can wear this three ways! So versatile! The color is great too because it can act as a neutral.

    xx Yasmin

  • Kreyola

    How cute is this look. I like how you can wear this three ways.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram