August 11 2015
Hair evolution

I’m not one of those people who have heavy attachment to their hair. Having my hair cut psychologically gives me comfort as it’s one of those things I can easily do whenever I’m in need to a drastic change in my life. Does that mean I will have the tendency to do this one day?

I’ve been growing my hair for almost two years now and although, I’m loving bob haircut, I’m probably the 2,987,000th girl who’s sporting this hair cut. I started feeling the itch to do something drastic with my hair (why do I always go for drastic measures?) and I’ve been toying around the idea of getting micro bangs (I’m pretty sure I will get a screaming call from my mother-in-law any minute now).

Instead of rushing to the salon and ordering ‘cut it all off!’, I’ve become more sensible and is taking the time to research haircuts that suits my face shape and personality. My first step was to look back at old photos and evaluate with a kind eye, the different hairstyles that suited me. Boy, did I have a colorful history of haircuts, some failed attempt and some not so bad!

Need further proofs? see my hair evolution below!

Hair Evolution

What do you guys think? What hairstyle should I pull of next?


  • That’s quite a change! Love how long and short styles suit you <3 I got a long pixie last November and looks like my hair stopped growing after the cut haha