July 13 2015
Beach Cover Up

Beach Cover up: HOUSE OF FEATHERS | Bikini: Oysho | Necklace: Bali flea market | Hat: No Label

Looking for the perfect beach cover up is as difficult as finding the perfect bikini. There are various styles, fit, color and fabrics to take into consideration and there are even options that matches your bikini. My beach style does not stray away from my street style – simple, classic and slightly androgynous. Now translate that into beach wear and my odds of finding a beach cover up is suddenly very slim.

My story does not end in tragedy as you can see I’ve found my idea of a perfect beach cover-up. I just had to find it all the way to Seminyak, Bali at a local boutique store. This beach cover-up ticked all my criteria: white button-down shirt, slightly sheer and voluminous. It’s travelled with me ever since and showcased it on our first day in Varadero, Cuba.

The idyllic beach setting of Varadero provided an ideal backdrop for a morning shoot. We used our jet lag to our advantage and strolled down the beach to watch the sunrise and then collapsed at the beach beds until it’s time to order our first mojitos of the morning.

So far, Cuba has blessed us with beautiful weather, white sandy beach and free-flowing mojitos. Not a bad way to start the holiday I should say.


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