July 9 2015
In-Flight Travel Essentials

I’m not a frequent flyer but I like to be super prepared when I do fly to feel comfortable especially during a long-haul flight.

With our recent trip to Cuba, I was dreading our 14-hour flight to Montreal plus a 4-hour flight to Cuba from Montreal. To keep myself sane, I made sure I pack all my in-flight travel essentials. Anthony then made me notice that I have my little ‘rituals’ when I fly so I thought it would be fun to chronicle how I fly and what I bring along with me on a flight.


Check-in. With a carry-on luggage and e-gate, check-in happened in 30 minutes. I beeline for coffee after clearing security.


A quick stop to WH Smith to buy the biggest bottle of water, gummy bears and a magazine. My three most important in-flight travel essentials.


Boarding time.

Once I get to my seat, I take out this Muji travel pouch which holds everything I’ll need for the flight (see above) and take out a cashmere scarf and my neck pillow. Then I head straight to the bathroom (right when it’s still clean) to pee and freshen up (put my hair up and apply face moisturizer). When I’m seated and all comfortable, I take double dose of Echinacea and dissolve vitamin supplement in my water bottle to boost my immune system throughout the flight.


Take off.

I set my watch and phone to the time zone of my destination and come up with a sleeping strategy for minimal jetlag.

I resist all temptations to watch in-flight entertainment right away until we’re up in the air to avoid any flight announcement interruptions. My magazine comes in handy during this time and will typically go through each page and read most of the articles in one sitting.


I watch a TV programme rather than a full movie as I wait for my meal. I bring my own earphone instead of a nose canceling headphones as it doesn’t take much room in my bag. I have a special airline headphone jack so I can use to watch in-flight entertainment without using the crappy ones they hand out on the plane.

I watched 2 episodes of ‘Breaking Pointe’.


Ate breakfast on the flight with no coffee. I go through another episode of ‘Breaking Pointe’ while eating.


Meal tray has been cleared. I clean my hands with hand sanitizer, apply hand lotion and spritz my face with thermal water.

I take off my shoes and use the eye mask provided in the flight, position my neck pillow and wrap myself in my cashmere blanket. I’m really to dose off.

I have the ability to sleep through an entire flight even with crying babies and turbulence but I calculated the hours I need to sleep to avoid a heavy jetlag.


When I wake up, I drink a full bottle of water and head to the bathroom to freshen up.

I then switch the channel to a jazz radio and read this book. I keep a pen (I swear by this one) and small notebook with me in case a creative idea strikes.


Lunch is served. I order a glass of wine to wash down my meal.


I start watching ‘Mortdecai’ (meh) then go through the entire bag of gummy bears and my bottle of water.


Freshen up and read my book.


Touchdown in Montreal


I’d love to know how you fly and what your in-flight travel essentials. Comment below.


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