June 21 2015
Modern Simplicity

T-shirt: Topshop (similar) | Pants: Mango | Shoes: Birkenstock

Birkenstocks | Earrings: Dior

Boho trend, 70s vibe and colorful pieces screams summer but for me, I tend to gravitate towards modern simplicity.

Sure, I cave on the occasional fashion fashion trendy purchase and love the bohemian vibe but my day-to-day look oozes ease and simplicity. My closet is filled with basic essentials like this white trousers and simple tee. How do I make this look going from snoozeville to modern simplicity feel? Three things: clean lines, sharp tailoring and luxe fabric.

One doesn’t need to succumb to expensive pieces (hello The Row!), you just need to pay attention to the cut and fabric. Case in point: these pants are from Mango, t-shirt is from Topshop and sandals are Birkenstock. Make it all work with a relaxed attitude and you’ll feel easy breezy this summer.

Modern Simplicity-03 Modern-Simplicity-01 Modern Simplicity-04 Modern-Simplicity-02



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