Ramadan Style Guide

June 16 2015

The Holy Month of Ramadan will begin in a couple of days and it’s important that we all pay respect and conduct ourselves appropriately during this sacred time. This include being mindful and dressing more conservatively.

Dressing conservatively doesn’t mean compromising on your style and comfort, you can still be stylish yet modest. Whether you’re new to the Middle East or have been living here for years, here are some Ramadan style tips that will help you look effortlessly cool.

First things first, let’s talk fabrics. Heat and humidity is at its peak during this month so stick to breathable fabrics like cotton, rayon, linen and silk. Avoid everything else if you don’t want to suffocate from the heat.

Now, let’s talk style. Here are five trendy pieces that you can rock during Ramadan:

Ramadan-Style-Guide-Tunic Ramadan-Style-Guide-Kimono-Jacket Ramadan-Style-Guide-Midi-Skirt Ramadan-Style-Guide-Wide-Leg-Pants Ramadan-Style-Guide-Jumpsuit


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