May 21 2015
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Inspired by Fendi

Directed by: Anthea Devotta

Produced by Anthea Devotta and Karen Nicolet

Cast: Karen Nicolet

Director of Photography: Tom Hines

Editor: Abdul Jabbar Maki

Original Soundtrack Composed by: Vincent Corver

Hair / Makeup: Mika Lombard

Wardrobe Stylist: Carla Mallari

Unit Photography: Anthony Nicolet

Color Grading and Sound Design: The Film House

Life happens before us – seasons change, the sunrise falls into dusk, tides rise and fall with the moon. She stands on the threshold of her familiar past and uncertain future. Her, life her dreams are unknown as the immensity of the waters. She’s waiting to be rescued. She waits for a boat to sail her away to a different place and time. Life drifts away. If only she knew the enormous possibilities of what lies ahead.

We all go through this moment in our lives where we are at a standstill, not knowing whether to take a dive into a sea of unfamiliarity or hold on to our familiar past.

I’m proud to present my first fashion film ‘Liminal’. Liminal is a state of being ‘betwixt and between’. This film figuratively illustrates a very fragile period of life during a state of transition.

On Clumsy Chic, I continuously strive and challenge myself to create original content. This fashion film came into being as a way to breathe new life into an editorial story and to tell a story with a universal message while still highlighting the beauty of fashion.

I collaborated with my friend and fashion filmmaker Anthea Devotta to bring this vision to life. This fashion film was our passion project. It seamlessly combined both of our creative directions from storytelling, location right down to hair and makeup.

The fashion film is inspired by Fendi’s SS15 collection. The color palette was the starting point of the story. The collection embodies the colors of the sky and water and we wanted to bring that to life by merging the two together. Fendi is the main protagonist of the film.

To bring the colors of the collection to life, the location and the clothes need to have perfect synergy. It was important for us to shoot the film in Qatar and tap into the stunning landscapes of the country that many people don’t know exist.

You hear about collaborations a lot in the fashion world especially in the bloggersphere but it’s rare to work with a team of people who are genuinely willing to collaborate in pursuit of creativity. I’ve been incredibly fortunate that my first foray into fashion filmmaking was led by talented people I personally admire. It was truly inspiring to see them work and soak up their creative energy.

As I write this in the corner of the W Café and nervously prepare for the film to go live, I realize I have my answer to the question that started this all…

I have jumped off the cliff and swam into the unknown to live a life that inspires me. I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.

I hope that this short fashion film inspires you to follow your own current.

I’d love to know, if you can take a leap in life, what would you love to do?


  • Mia

    wow - exquisite!! Congrats…

    • Thank you Mia! It’s been brewing for 6 months so I’m happy it’s finally out. Glad you love it!

  • Love, love, love!!! Well done. You must be incredibly proud of yourself. It is just beautiful xxx

    • Thank you so much Sarah! It’s definitely a personal project I feel passionate about and happy I got the opportunity to create something like this. Thanks for your support on the blog as always!

  • Jelena

    Karen, that was stunning and beautiful, I loved it! Congratulations on your amazing film and the clothes looked simply gorgeous. Keep up the great work and congrats again on your first film, with many more to come.

  • Per Lei Couture


  • Karen, this is so beautiful! I love the film and love your words that accompany it! Congratulations, what an exciting venture.

    Polly xx