January 20 2015
Weekend Travel Essentials Cover

Whether it’s packing a carry-on for a month long trip or packing for a special event (Cannes Film Festival) I’m all about packing smartly.

I’m off to Dubai for 24-hour business trip to celebrate Inglot’s Fall In Love collection, and with a jam-packed schedule, I brought only my essentials on-the-go items.

Making sure I swiftly go through airports and quickly jump to an event or a meeting, it’s all about keeping things light and bringing things that are multifunctional from clothes to makeup and even gadgets.

Here’s a glimpse of my weekend travel essentials.

Weekend Travel Essentials Cover 3

I packed two outfits in total that I could wear to the airport, to an event, to a business meeting, and to a dinner party. I brought along a cool and structured suit that I can wear with a slouchy t-shirt and sneakers for day and switch up my top for something sparkly for night. I also brought along a leather jacket since it goes with everything.

Weekend Travel Essentials 5

I love Inglot’s palette system, because you can mix and match and create your own travel-friendly palette with your foundation, blush, lip color and eye shadows. For this trip, I customized their eye shadow palette with their new Fall in Love collection and also packed their travel-size brushes- it has everything you need! Then it’s pencils, pencils, pencils! from lip color to eyeliner. It saves a ton of space in your makeup bag.

An oversized clutch served as my laptop case, my small evening purse served as my makeup and jewelry case, and my small handbag housed all my electronic items.

Although my packing strategy is to bring multi-functional basics, my accessories make up for my rather basic ensembles. A standout shoe (hello Dior fusion sneakers) or a statement jewelry will do the trick to elevate an outfit.

Hope you found these tips useful. Catch me on my TwitterFacebookInstagram as I document my trip to Dubai with Inglot and Dubai Shopping Festival. Lots of make-up and fashion feed are coming your way and a giveaway!


  • I definitely need to learn how to pack smarter. I pretty much pack everything but the kitchen sink when I travel.

  • Beautiful picture! I’m loving your shoe collection!