August 28 2014
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I resisted, insulted, and was outraged by the Birkenstocks trend and swore on the life of my Chanel bag that I would never wear this orthopedic sandals. Then the fashion gods punished me and gave me multiple blisters and broken toe the first day of wearing impractical flat sandals from Zara (this sandals no longer exist in my life) and swallowed my pride and admitted that I need proper ‘support’. I can now put on record that my Birkenstocks sandals saved my feet and have now entered a dangerous territory of not wanting to take it off since it looks good in everything. You don’t believe me? Check out these Birkenstocks outfit inspirations from the movers and shakers of the fashion blogging world.

Zina Fashion Blog 03 Birkenstock outfits 01-We Wore What and Eat Sleep Wear Tuula Vintage 02 Birkenstock outfits- Le Blog de Betty and Always Judging Birkenstock outfits-Fash n Chips- Street styleBirkenstock outfits-Portable Packages-CPFW Sincerely Jules 01 Birkenstock outfits-Fashion Guitar- Carolines Mode camille over the rainbow 01 Birkenstock outfits-Modern Legacy- My DubioFashion Me Now

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