July 20 2014

Dress: Elle Sasson from Per Lei Couture | Shoes: Zara

Telling a fashion girl to pack only one carry-on bag and two options of shoes for a month long excursion in Asia is like sentencing an innocent person to jail time. And then causes her panic attacks and sleepless nights. “How am I going to bring all my toiletries and acne products?” I ponder at night.

I saw two options, one is to file for divorce stating ‘irreconcilable differences’ or take this as an opportunity to strip myself from vanity and appreciate the basic necessities of clean water and soap… at least for a month. A clever little person that I am did not settle for one of these options and found a middle solution that pleases both parties. I shall use all the styling and packing tricks I know into good use! A new challenge aroused and this pocked sized fashionista took it in full stride.

One of my packing strategies is to chose versatile pieces that work in the temple of Angkor Wat as well as in the urban jungle of Singapore. It should also be multi-functional to take you from day and night with just a switch of footwear. Lastly, chose a material that is not a pain to pack because in all honesty, who wants to iron their clothes during a holiday?

Let me present evidence numero uno. This dress worked well around the lush greens and statues in Cambodia and even looked summer chic around the poolside of our hotel. This was also my going out dress in Bali and Singapore as well. I’ve worn this dress repeatedly for a month; I now can add the title ‘Queen of Repeats’ to my style repertoire.

I think hubby needs to buy me a gift for succeeding this mission, don’t you think? Maybe a shopping trip to Per Lei Couture where I got this fashion savior.

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  • Per Lei Couture

    An absolutely gorgeous post! Thank you for posting!

    • Thank you for bringing our dream closet to Doha!

    • Thank you! Your shop is my fashion wonderland