August 17 2014
Per Lei Couture Doha COVER

Per Lei Couture, The Pearl, Qatar

Raise your hand if you find shopping in Doha a pain? You find the same shops in every mall, and high-street stores doesn’t stock the same quality of goodies as in other countries and designer boutiques stocks only expensive pieces. I resort to online shopping, but even that has its own perils: lost packages, fit isn’t right, etc.

Now Doha fashionistas can rejoice for a new shopping destination is now in town. Per Lei Couture is a multi-brand boutique at the Pearl, Qatar that stocks the most coveted international fashion brands as well as up and coming regional designers.

Per Lei Couture is Doha’s Net-a-Porter without the shipping charges.

Conveniently located right next to my house, I’m at the store all the time that the ladies in the boutique are now my new fashion BFFs. What I love about the store other than their lust-worthy clothes and accessories is their whole shopping experience. You don’t feel intimidated walking into the store, the staff are genuinely helpful, and you can try on clothes without any pressure it’s just fun!

I decided to pop in the store for an afternoon of dress-up and to try on dresses for an upcoming wedding.

I pulled three looks together, first is a beautifully structured Andrew GN dress with embellishment on the shoulder paired with a killer Aquazurra heels and Andrew GN bag.

The second look is more glamorous. I’m wearing a silky soft Barbara Casasola midi dress that I paired with an equality elegant Gio Diev satin pumps.

The last dress is not something I wouldn’t normally pick to try but fell in love with the color combination and details of this Preen Helena dress. I paired it with an equally colorful Gio Diev shoes and candy hued Rocio clutch.

Psst!.. scroll down below for an exciting news… Go on!

Per Lei Couture Doha 22 Per Lei Couture Doha 21 Per Lei Couture Doha 3 Per Lei Couture Doha 12 Per Lei Couture Doha 20 Per Lei Couture Doha 4 Per Lei Couture Doha 15 Per Lei Couture Doha 11 Per Lei Couture Doha 10Per Lei Couture Doha 23 Per Lei Couture Doha 2

Per Lei Couture Doha 17

Per Lei Couture Doha 13 Per Lei Couture Doha 14 Per Lei Couture Doha 1 Per Lei Couture Doha 16 Per Lei Couture Doha 5LOOK 1Per Lei Couture Doha Outfit1

LOOK 2Per Lei Couture Doha Outfit 2

LOOK 3Per Lei Couture Doha Outfit 3


Win this Orange Rocio candy clutch that I’m sporting from Per Lei Couture.

Closing Date & Time:

Thursday, 21 August 2014, 6:00 PM Doha time.

How to Enter:

Tell me your favorite look on the comment section under this post. One lucky winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted via e-mail (please leave a valid e-mail address) with instructions on how to collect the prize. This giveaway is only open to Qatar residents.

Trust me, this is worth 2 minutes of your time so comment away!

Rocio -Candy Clutches



  • Absolutely in love with the third look! Suits you so much!


    I say the first look especially paired with those shoes, love it!

  • I love the FIRST look on ya!!

  • Kristin

    Love love love your the third look.

  • Hind

    i am in love with the first look. the color!!

  • Zatheela Mudasser

    I love look 2 ♡ you look so gorgeous! !

  • khadijah

    Absolutely in love with 3rd look. The dress with a pop of orange gives a summery feel.

  • Love the 2nd look! Simple and classy, perfect for weddings :)

  • Abeer

    The first look! in LOVE!

  • Lorna Addicott

    Look number 3, it’s classic chic.

  • NR

    I love 1st look ,,, so elegant :)

  • Marynor Caseres

    I love the yellow. Looks elegant. Can use for any occassion.

  • Tala Akhal

    Look 3 is just beautiful and elegant, def my favourite colour and the patterns are just lovely!

  • Miss AJ

    All the looks are great but Love the first look the best!That blue is a stunner- one that will stand out in the day and has an electric effect at night. Beautiful!

  • Lovely collection, really like the colors :-) the pair of boots under the yellow dress are to DIE FOORRR and i completely agree that its kinda difficult sometimes to shop in Doha.

    Keep creating those amazing dresses and shoes, certainly i will pass by.

    Mega Kisses,

    Jessica Schilling

  • Nazneen Zahan

    Look 2. Beautiful Contrast. Elegant. Sophisticated.

  • Diana Popova-Durrant

    I would say number 1. Xx

  • LoLo

    Wow! nice collection the color scheme is amazing, look 3 stunning! absolutely gorgeous ;)

  • oulnek

    3rd look ;-)

  • 1st look for me. Understated, comfortable. Looks like i could move in it. All are lovely though. ; )

  • Sophie

    Hi Karen!
    My favorite look is definitely look number 3! It’s very classy and the colour is just amazing! xoxo

  • Racha Nemr

    I loved the first look, especially the details on the shoulders paired with those amazing shoes!! definitely my style :)

  • AF

    So tough to choose - I’m torn between Look #1 and Look #3 - final vote goes to #3 the cut and colour really look great on you. Super classy. xx

  • Tina

    Looking smashing in the third look! Love the color combination! suits your skin tone perfectly

  • Janet Leow

    I think the 1st dress looks better on you compared to the other two. It brings out the youthfulness in you and the heels makes you look chic and edgy. Put on a bright lipstick like your nails and you’re good to go!

  • Lana Shamma

    Definitely look 1. I love the mix of textures.

  • samir

    definitely the second one, classy and elegant. wish I could wear it though :)

  • Ivory

    I admire how you can pull off just about anything Karen, they all look fab on you. If you are going to a party type wedding, go for 1st look. If it’s more ceremonial, go for 2nd or 3rd. I like especially the 2nd look as it’s elegant yet playful, you can play more colors with accessories too. Let us know what you choose xoxo ;)

  • Ines

    Look 3 is amaaazing

  • Alexandra

    Look 3, modern and elegant!

  • LK

    Look 2! I would love 1 or 3 for myself but I think look 2 is great on you!

  • Marie Glo Juan

    Look 3. Classic!

  • Dzeannie

    Love the third look..great color…nice design

  • Hend

    My first impression is Look 3! But I also love Look 1 on you.

    And the blue shoes…oh those shoes.

    I’m gonna spend lots of money at Per Lei next month when I visit.

  • Kelly

    The third!!! Love the colors. :)

  • Kathreen Coronado

    Definitely the 3rd look. Very elegant and the cut of the dress and design suits you.

  • Raquel

    I love the first look! Absolutely stunning! #ireallyloveblue

  • Teenie :)

    Hi Clumsy Chic! I love Look 1 so chic and rock and rollin’ :) Perfect for night outbeith girlfriends

  • Evelyn

    I like the blue dress with the black sequins berry chic look

  • Dima A

    Look no.1! love love it, the colour, the details on the dress and those shoes! gorgeous.
    Second favourite is look no.3. both look lovely on you but I like the first one more :)

  • Carla Chaaya Aramouni

    love the first look, very trendy chip young and outgoing!

  • Carla Chaaya Aramouni

    love the first look, very trendy chic young and outgoing!

  • Diana Rizk

    all 3 looks are pretty and suit you well, if i had to pick one i would go for look 1, the colour, design and fit is classy & chic and pair up well with the shoes.

  • Maryam alkhulaifi

    Loved the third look , loved your blog .

  • Ayswariya sussanna

    All the looks are elegant and classy still i would choose the look 3 as it got an amazing color combination . The heels look killer with the dress . Accessorized well .

  • Mia

    FIRST look! However you look stunning in all tree looks - as always in you blogg! Great Blog post on this nice boutique…

  • Alma

    I love the first look!!!! I love the color! I wanna have one!

  • Ban

    Look #1

  • Hend

    Def the third look. Love the dress and looks great on you

  • I love look #3 :)

  • Catalina

    No. 3! no doubt!

  • Vanessa

    The first look is definitely the winner!

  • Diana Farid

    Look 1 is the best. The dress is very nice. Simple but chic. I love the embroidery on the shoulders and how you matched the bag and shoes <3 <3

  • Delly

    LOOK 1

  • Sana

    The first look is the cutest. It is the perfect combo of fun and sophistication.

    Love it xo

  • Katey

    I love tge third look. I love the flower details.

  • Sharon D'Souza

    Absolutely love Look 3
    You look gorgeous!

  • Aizee

    Lovin the look2. Its minimalist with a burst of color! Perfect for a summer wedding.

  • Lucie m

    Great idea Karen! So I like the third look. Suits you well! The dress is modern, original with its elegant Asian pattern. Plus it is round neck and it falls just below the knees, so perfect for Doha. The high-hill open shoes add a right cheeky touch to the “wisdom” of the dress. The clutch looks so nice as well :)

  • kha morales

    I prefer the 3rd look. The pop of color especially makes the whole ensemble chic and flirty. The floral pattern is feminine and in trend as well.

  • Dina

    All 3 looks look fabulous on you, but my favorite is look #1!

  • I’m completely biased towards Look #1, blue is such a great colour :)
    Also, I wish you would have tried on the blue V-neck with orange lining one, I’ve been drooling since I saw it

  • Marie Claire

    The first look it’ s the best fort you !

  • Diane

    you look best on the first look :) sexy :)

  • Christina

    The first look is fabulous! It compliments the models image & by the look of her smile, she loves it too. Classy & chic. Just the perfect combination.

  • I’m loving Look 3. Perfect balance of appropriate and fun for a wedding.

  • Reem

    Loving the shoes in look #2!

  • Rachel Awad

    Without a doubt the Barbara Casasola dress with the blue Gio Diev shoes. Stunning look and it suits you so!

  • Elena Ozova

    Love the third look, the color combination of the dress is gorgeous!

  • First look is gorgeous. Love the dress, heels & bag combination. Splendid! :)

  • Maria de Wet

    My favourite look was definitely the preen dress. Perfect to wear to a business meeting and then head straight to the bar. Not a big fan of the shoes though. Much more prefer the Aquazzura shoes above.

  • Claire

    Hi Karen!
    I’m not in Doha so I wont be able to take part in the Prize, but I just wanted to tell you that I follow regularly your blog; you writing is sincere and funny (I guess that’s the Clumsy in you).
    Your posts are full of brilliant ideas.
    I’m a big fan of you latest one (1 month with a carry on).
    You go girl, keep them coming!
    PS: I lobe both the 1st and 3rd Dresses

    • Thank you for the kind words Claire. I really appreciate you reaching out to say that- it encourages me to keep on going.

  • Eliah

    The colour in the second look is fantastic! But I think the third look is lovely on you. :)

  • Maheen

    Love the second look!!
    I’m so much in love with its unique color paired with those shoes <3

  • Jhackyie

    Everything is so elegant!!! Very Fashionista. I wish I could wear all of these :) I’m so inlove to you Clumsy Chic. muuaahh

  • suzy pattison

    I love the third look, the pops of orange are divine and eye catching :0)

    • Hi Suzy, my husband actually picked that dress. He’s got great taste!

  • Chantal

    Lovely picks from Per Lei! I’m torn between Look 1 and Look 3! Look 1 is very trendy, young, but still classy look, classic colours, great for evening! Look 3 is so flattering too, very sophisticated, yet still stands out for the right reasons! And those shoes… <3!!

    • Hey Chantal! had fun picking out the looks. Do you know that they are major sale right now? I visited yesterday and there’s a lot of gorgeous things in the shop. Thanks for participating to the giveaway. See you soon!

  • Maria

    I vote for look 3- ladylike and elegant

  • Diane

    All really good looks but I would say look 1. It’s youthful yet elegant.

  • Jackie

    I am starstruck with the 3rd look. It looks simple but elegant and oh I must say that I am inlove with the color combination, so vibrant! And the sleeves are just perfect to respect the country’s dress code.

  • Helen Roberts

    I love the 3rd look. The contrast of colours is simply amazing.

  • carina

    I love the first look :)

  • farzana

    I would have to say i love the 3rd look. The clutch, the shoes and the dress look perfect.