April 29 2017

In collaboration with: Boulangerry

A big thank you to Lindt & Sprunglii Qatar (QQP) for their generous supply of Lindt’s delicious products.

Those who can’t bake, eat the cake. That’s my life motto.

I invited one of my fav foodie personalities, Gerald Tan of Boulangerry over to teach me how to make a no-bake dessert to add to my easy entertaining repertoire. But what really happened was that Gerald did all the baking and filming while I sat popping Lindt chocolate eggs in my mouth thinking of all the ways to make him my new #BFF.

I like indulging in desserts but baking to me is reserved for special holidays because in truth, I’m one lousy baker! Meanwhile, Gerald makes it look so easy when you watch his one-minute baking videos, which all of a sudden have you thinking you too are capable of making cinnamon buns.

Chocolate Mousse


After a few conversations, we decided to get together so he can teach me how to make an easy, no-bake chocolate dessert that looks deceivingly impressive. My ultimate goal is to basically serve this and have people think ‘Wow! She has her sh*t together and she’s a mom’. #lifegoals. I kid! I just really want to have this on-hand in the fridge in case of a ‘Mombie’ moment… You know, that time in the dead of the night when both your baby and husband are asleep and you’re just too tired but decide not to go to bed because this is the only moment you’ll have ALONE with your dessert. That’s right these are my real life goals.

Back to baking. Gerald mentioned that making chocolate mousse is easy but that the key to making a good one comes down to the quality of the chocolates you use. Since we both love Lindt chocolates, we decided to use it for this recipe. We opted for the 70 percent dark chocolate and the chocolate orange. The process was rather simple and this recipe requires only a handful of ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. The result is creamy, light with a bit of a crunch, tangy with a bit of orange zest and finished with slivers of almonds… in a word, delicious, heavenly goodness. OK that was three words but you get the point! Our bowls were licked cleaned in five minutes flat.

I’ll let the video do the explaining.

Do you think you’ll give this a go? Let me know in the comment section below!



  • Sounds great! I so want to try this!

  • I think everyone knows how much I love chocolate and how much I hate to cook. So, guys, I think you just gave the best recipe ever. A must to try! xx