March 14 2017

Photography by: Apple Snaps

This coming Mother’s Day, I’ve teamed up with Swarovski to honor the shining light in our lives – Moms.

I’m first to admit that I never fully understood a mother’s love and strength until I became one.

Being a mom is the most difficult and most rewarding role us women have to undertake. The fact that we are able to give life to another human is a miracle and true testament to just what our bodies are made to do. When I became a mom, my past life became irrelevant and suddenly, the world made sense, and I knew why I was put here on earth.

I also learned what unconditional love felt like.

A mother’s love is the purest and truest form of love. It is selfless and does not ask anything other than the happiness of our children. She radiates with love and lights up the house with her smile. She makes everything better with her gentle touch and embrace.

There’s nothing I love more now than looking at other moms with their children when I’m out and about. With no one else looking, you can see the pure love radiating through their eyes as if they are in this bubble of love. It’s little moments like this that makes motherhood so fulfilling. To me, they are the most beautiful, inspiring women I know and they all deserve a little brilliance in their lives.

And for this, I’ve teamed up with Swarovski to showcase their special Mother’s Day collection that pays homage to celebrating the brilliant style and spirit of moms. From their special Sparkling Dance collection to their classic watches, there’s something special to celebrate your mom’s style.

I want to dedicate this post to all the inspiring mothers out there, you are truly an inspiration to me and I want to show my appreciation to everything that you do by giving away this beautiful Swarovski Sparkling Dance necklace set to one lucky mom out there.

One lucky winner will be chosen and will be contacted via email (please leave a valid e-mail address) with intructions on how to collect this Swarovski Sparkling Dance necklace set. This giveaway is only open to Qatar residents.

Happy Mother’s Day.


  • Najmunnisa

    Nice 👍..
    Being a mother is learning about strengths

  • krizia

    As a mother to be.. Extending all the love I have to this tiny human growing inside me. Nothing else matters.

  • Susan G

    Being a mother is a tough job. You are on call 24 hours but the joy and love that radiates from your baby’s eyes is worth it.

  • I guess the greatest thing about being a mother is this eternal love and almost limitless patience you didn’t know you have. Being a mom forces these characteristics out of you. You’ll realize that its no longer just about you. You’ll be selfish, you’ll be contented about the little things such as a 30 minute nap or to be able to shower daily. I wasn’t able to buy new underwear but I couldn’t care less as long as my son gets to have the toy he really likes. Being a mom changes you to become a better person. Sacrifices aren’t sacrifices anymore but a natural instinct that will just come out of you naturally.

  • Najmunnisa

    My kid is the reason I wake up each morning , the reason I breathe and why my hair is falling out ,my house is a mess & I am crazy 😜

  • Tala

    My 6 year old daughter pointed this out to me and I thought it was brilliant (in her words):”being a grown can be boring so we need to have children because playing with them is much more fun than doing grown up work.” It’s true, what I love most about veing a mom is playing with my daughters. I’m often surprised by how much they know and how creative they can be!

  • Nihan

    Being a mom teaches you things you thought you already knew about yourself (read: being selfless) and brings you upfront with your strengths that you never knew existed in you (read: staying awake almost always)
    It is the most demanding job in the world whether you stay home or work outside of home. I have two beautiful children, boy (4 years old) and girl (7 months - whose dressing btw is inspired by your baby’s outfits :)). These two drive me crazy, push me to edge, keep me on my toes, have me made sleepless and paranoid - but call it crazy, i won’t have it any other way.
    My children are the main reason that strive me to the best version of myself so I can raise a wonderful, caring, respectful yet brave/strong boy and a confident, fierce yet a kind/loving girl.
    They are the reason, I strive to do the best for myself - be it looking after my health, losing weight or dressing well. If I am healthy, I am able to take better care of them and be more involved in their lives. If I have a good, balanced/disciplined routine, they will seek after it too. After all, they will compare their health/life goals based on what I do/did and of course, what their father does/will do.
    Being a mom is definitely the hardest thing but also the most rewarding and all I can say that I cannot be thankful enough for this blessing in my life.

  • Rabeea Mohammad

    Such a sweet giveaway. What do I love most about being a mom? The first and most simple thing that pops into my mind is the cuddles! Right from when they were itty bitty at the hospital to being hyper tweens. I’ve got three girls (7, 4 and a 5 month old) and all sorts of horrible moods (mine, not theirs) have been fixed with a cuddle. Even with the older ones now in school, I try to get to them 10 minutes before wake-up time and spend 5 minutes with each one just holding them, taking in the smell of their hair and reminiscing about how little they once were. Sometimes, all of a sudden I’ll have this realization that this kid who is up to my elbow, or my navel or now spilling out of my lap used to be so tiny and it fills my heart with joy and fear at the same time. Joy at the beautiful people they’re becoming and fear at the not so beautiful world they will one day face without us. And to deal with both that joy and fear, I hug them just a little tighter and hold them a little longer trying to make each moment last.


    Being a mother feels like you multiply yourself,first another body lives in you then you breathe in another body
    It feels like you somehow upgraded your level in this life,jumped to another level of evolution..more emotional, more stressful but stronger,faster,more awake and much more busier of course.I used to get really sick and be down twice a year but now I don’t have time for this:)
    Good luck to all mamas..

  • Zain Khalili

    That is a great question, because throughout the day we complain about being tired and in need of more sleep but if we can answer this question every morning oh how diffrrent our days will be. There are so many great things about being a mother. The first and my favorite is the kisses and cuddles! My son just turned one and he just started to give my kisses and hugs and i go crazy in love every time. Just this morning, he woke up before me and decided to wake me up with kisses(Co-sleeping). That was the best way to wake up. I didn’t care that he woke up so early and that he woke up multiple times at night because he’s teething, those morning kisses made me forget about all that. The second greatest thing about being a mother is seeing things through their eyes. Smiling and laughing at the silliest things make me look The beautiful world we live in but have forgotten to truly see it’s beauty. Knowing that I’m the reason my son my smiling or giggling makes me the happiest person. And lastly, one of the greatest things about being a mother is breastfeeding! The connection and the closeness of mother and baby during breastfeeding is truly a mircle. Even after a year, I still get a rush of love when my baby sleeps on my breast. Knowing that we have a special bond that no other person can have with my son is so worth the struggles and something the pain of breastfeeding. When my son is not feeling well or got hurt while playing, i know that holding him soon and breastfeeding him will make him feel better. That is such a wonderful feeling and I am so so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to become a mother and to be able to breastfeed my son.

  • Sajna Fathima

    When I became a mom,I got a rebirth.The best part of it is that, I started loving my mother more.Now I am more grateful to my mother than before and is more appreciative of everything she has done for me.My attitude,perspectives and outlook towards life took a new turn.I became more selfless,more patient and more innovative in everthing I do.My life got a new meaning and better purpose after giving birth to my wonderfull daughter.I am learning new things from her everyday.She taught me how to smile from the heart,how to be happy about the simplest of things,the beauty of innocence and a lot more.Being a mom makes me “more proud” about my mom….that’s the best part….Besides the fact that along with my daughter was born,a “better me”.

  • As a mom of three I love that these precious little darlings look up to me and want my attention and love and care. I love the smiles, the cuddles, the messes they make and the stretch marks they gave me. My house maybe a chaotic mess but my heart finds peace in their presence. Most importantly what I love about motherhood is that it taught my how much love my heart can hold ❤️ I never thought it was possible…

  • The best part I love about being a mom is all the new experiences I have which I would not have had, had I not been a mom. I would not have learnt/read about breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby-led weaning, cloth diapering, gentle weaning, gentle parenting, konmaring, OPOS and the other innumerable aspects of parenting. Frankly, I wouldn’t even have tried cooking new recipes (cos I am lazy when it comes to cooking :D) if I didnt have to feed my little one healthy delicious meals. Being a mom makes me want to be the best and improved version of myself.

  • Hannah Z

    Being a mother is the greatest gift God has given me.Just waking up every morning and looking into my childrens eyes is enough for my heart to over flow with love.I am lucky that I have been blessed with 5 beautiful children and can’t imagine my life without them. Being a mother has also taught me to appreciate all that my mother has done for us. She is a strong,loving woman who gave up a lot of things to insure that we were always happy,all while living in a foriegn country far away from family and friends. I love my mum very much and wish her a happy mothers day because she deserves to be celebrated.

  • JoAnne Gabral

    Almost six years now when I got pregnant, that was not easy for me, and for my husband, aside from we didnt planned it,I was 18 years old at that time,Even in my dreams,i didnt imagine at my young age I can be a parent, as the days and weeks passes by, until she started kicking inside my tummy, we felt so great and excited.What is the feeling of the first lift of a mother to her new born baby? Actually, No words can describe how happy i was, I felt relieved. What I love most being a mom, is the fact that no matter how tired we are from the whole day work, once they smiled at you , all your worries and tiredness will easily turned away. And they will call you Mommy!! I can provide them what they need, and they want. I give them my unconditional love even the hardest way, and I must be willing to sacrifices at times, knowing that the outcome will be worth it.

  • Tatsky

    Being a mother for an unexpected time gives you a thousand reason to survive and to succeed, and in return you feel the most priceless happiness and enjoyment, the moment that you will see your baby 😂😂😂. Having a baby gives you more strenght inorder not to give up and keep on fighting.

  • Being a mother is a realization of everything my own mother used to tell me.. She used to say that I will only understand everything about motherhood and unconditional love once I become one. True enough, when my first born came into this world, I have never felt so happy and nervous at the same time! I was so glad that finally, I could raise my own child, but with all the fears a first-time mom could ever have! I’ve had my fair share of crying and trying moments especially during the first few months, but whenever I look at my child, everything just become so right and perfect. As he grows older, and learn new things, I learned so many things, too! From changing the nappy, to having the patience to teach him his first ABCs, to encouring him how to walk and talk, and finally learning to have the courage to let him go to school without me! I am crying as I write this! Ha! I could go on and on and on! And now that we have another baby on the way, one thing I am sure of, it still feels like the first time once more! Haha! The only difference is that, I sure know now that I have so much love to give to another blessings given to us and that I can’t wait to meet our second child soon!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all! ❤