March 5 2017

All outfits and accessories are from Monsoon located in Villaggio, Landmark, Mall of Qatar

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and I can’t think of a better way of spending it than a day out with my little girl.


My favorite time of the week is on Naomi’s day off at the nursery. I eagerly mark the day in my calendar as ‘mommy and daughter date’, and plan things for us to do together, either a messy play at home or venture outside and explore. She’s at an age right now where she has started to interact more with me as well as with the people around her. She’s one happy and affectionate girl, and there’s nothing I love more than making her smile and giggle. My world stops when I’m with her and it feels like I’m in this bubble of love, especially when she hugs me for no good reason or when she gently touches my face and rests her head onto my shoulders.

I asked Apple from Apple Snaps Doha (who is also a mommy to 3 beautiful girls) to capture our mommy and daughter date, just in time for Mother’s Day, and she did a wonderful job with capturing our precious little moments with my Moon – relaxed, happy and full of love.

The other thing I love about my date with Naomi is playing dress up. She’s clearly a girly girl and shares the same excitement for clothes and purses just like her Mom. She loves dresses and doesn’t fuss about wearing headbands all day. Now that she’s close to walking, she can finally wear shoes and boy, does she love shoes! This girl is turning into #BabyClumsyChic.

As for me, when I know I’ll be with her the whole day, I want to feel relaxed and beautiful. I wear a lot of lightweight pants, slouchy sweater and a scarf that can function as a nursing cover or gorgeous dress that’s easy to throw on. I’m typically in jeans and t-shirt most days but I do like to make an effort (it is a date after all) but still feel comfortable to run around after her.

I’m envisioning nothing different on my date with her on Mother’s Day. No fancy meal or gift required for this mama, all I want is a day full of hugs and giggles from my little girl. I’m already starting to hatch plans, which will involve a nice long and very messy breakfast and then spending the afternoon outside at the beach or park so she can (force) wear her straw hat and sunglasses.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? I suggest playing dress up with your little girl.

Monsoon Children has fantastic everyday clothes for babies and children as well as special occasion dresses. Their clothes are seriously cute and the fabrics are soft and beautiful. While shopping for Moon, I managed to pick up a couple of items for myself too that are comfortable, relaxed and plenty of nursing friendly items. Their Mall of Qatar branch has a wide variety of clothes for mamas like us, so if you want to pick up something special, you know where to go.


In collaboration with Monsoon

Photography: Apple Snaps Doha

Special thanks to Four Seasons Doha for the venue


  • Sally Clark (Flying Food Ninja)

    Wow your photographer for this is amazing. What gorgeous moments captured! <3

  • I can’t get eth over when ith the pics …. mesmerizingly beautiful

  • I cannot get over with the pics …. mesmerizingly beautiful