February 5 2017

I was initially hesitant to expose details about Naomi’s life on the blog as I wanted to keep her personal life private, but she’s growing up so fast and my mommy brain is not as sharp at remembering all her milestones and developments.

A little late in the game, I’ve decided to document some precious moments of Naomi a.k.a. “Baby Moon, Moon Pie, Baby Clumsy Chic” on a monthly basis, so I can look back at them fondly in years to come (and also embarrass her when she is old enough to understand).

Naomi at 10 months: 

Personality: her distinct personality is really coming through at this age and it’s fascinating to discover what she’s like as a person. Naomi is a quite and shy baby. She’s very content with playing on her own or sitting on her stroller as we go for long walks at The Pearl. It also takes a while for her to warm up to people and prefers to hold on to Mommy. Earlier, I used to apologize for it, but I stopped because I want her to know that there’s nothing wrong with that.

She’s also a very determined girl, something she definitely gets from her mommy. She really concentrates when mastering a skill and doesn’t get fazed out when she takes a tumble. She currently loves picking up a piece of cloth from our laundry basket.

Doing: Standing! She spends all of her time trying to stand on anything, anywhere and everywhere. She loves using my face as leverage for her to stand up, especially when we’re lying right next to each other.

She’s learned: to get around the house by pushing her wooden cart walker. She walks around the house while pushing her walker then stops and goes down when she wants to explore a certain area of our house. She recently discovered our bookcase and has taken all the books out from the shelves. Once she’s done with that, she gets back up on her walker and move along to the next corner she wants to destroy.

Her development at Twyla: Naomi has really settled into a good routine at Twyla. This month, she engaged in a number of sensory experiences such as touching ice, mushed bananas and different textured fabrics. She also discovered colors through LED table lights. I always look forward to receiving photos of her activities through the nursery app and it makes me feel safe and secure to know that she’s happy with her teachers and fellow friends. She’s one of the few older ones in her class and her teachers said that she loves taking care and looking after the younger babies, which is a testament to her warm and gentle personality.

Perhaps the most exciting for me as a parent is her first class photo. I can’t wait to see her Cheeky Chicks class photo.

Favorite Game: Playing ‘hide and seek’ with Dada. As soon as Anthony gets home from work and she hears the door open, she crawls so fast to try to hide, while Anthony yells ‘Where’s Naomi?.” I don’t think she knows the concept of hiding yet because she would peek her head out of her hiding spot as soon as she hears Anthony coming closer and lets out the biggest squeal and giggle.

Eating: Naomi has been on Baby Led Weaning products since she was 6 months old and it’s been great up until she learned to pick out the food she doesn’t want to eat and throws it on the floor. Her favorite food is oatmeal with banana pancake, green smoothie, chicken, beef strips and frittata.

Dislikes: Sweet Potato. Yup. She’s weird.

The little funny things she does: We wipe her with a wet cotton pad whenever we clean her up and she loves it so much that she starts giggling and tries to catch the cotton pad with her mouth.

Her firsts:

  • She already says ‘Dada’, but this month, she learned how to say ‘Mama’ for the first time. I cried.
  • Her two bottom teeth are coming out, which makes for quite an irritable baby at night. Her sleep is completely out of whack because she wakes up feeling uncomfortable.
  • She can confidently stand on her own now. The first time she stood up, I tried my best not to react but I was bursting with joy on the inside.
  • Waving ‘hi and bye’. She does the cutest shy wave to people, where she waves, lets out a smile then buries her head on my shoulder.

My favorite thing about her this month: She’s very affectionate towards me these days so I get plenty of cuddles. As a busy mom, I’ve made it a point to be present with her when she’s with me. She’s growing up so fast that I don’t want to miss a single moment in her life and she’s a joy to watch.


  • Jill Robson

    I loved reading this Karen! I wish I was there to get my own shy wave from your beautiful girl xx

  • awwww! this is so precious!
    I do a few on my blog about Ayan - did one earlier about his 2016.
    But this is an awesome idea!!!

    If you are looking at keeping things private, I would recommend the Tinybeans app.I love that one!

  • She is looking gorgeous. All her dresses😍

    Sweet potato used to be my baby’s fave.

    We too have been trying BLW since 9 th month. It is more on the floor than tummy, over here😆

    • Yeah she has better clothes than me. Same here, all the food she eats goes on the floor, so I make sure I always have spare.

  • The best thing I read this morning….. baby moon, I love this name of the little one…. time just flies away with our little ones. I am sure she is gonna get overwhelmed to see this blog post when she grows up .

    • Thank you Jishma. Time does fly, it’s crazy. How old is yours now?

  • loved it :).. I guess I should start thinking about moving my notes online. It will be a wonderful read after a while. Lots of love and blessings for Baby Moon..

  • How precious are these memories! I haven’t blogged about my kids’ progress but old school me - I like to record their journies on ink and paper. I have little handwritten notes, unfinished baby books and many mental notes to write down something before the mommy brain forgets! Hope to get my act together soon as I soo want to hold on to these precious moments and yes embarrass my kids too later on 😂

    • that’s a good idea. I’m too lazy to physically write something down. You should do a scrapbook of some sort.

  • So many wardrobe goals here!