March 27 2016
Sheraton Park 05

Jumper: Black Crane | Blazer: Barila | Bag: Celine| Shoes: Mansur Gavriel

I knew being a fan of oversized clothing would come in handy one day. I got this shapeless 3 in 1 jumper during peak humidity season last year and it’s now functioning as a maternity jumpsuit. I’m aware that it’s not the most flattering on the body, but I just love how billowy and comfortable it is. I added a waterfall blazer in order to add a little shape to my look and finished it off with one of a must-have shoe this season, a mule kitten heels sandals.

And when I really do feel like a big sack of potato, I will definitely put this on, plant my posterior on the couch, balance a bowl of popcorn on my belly and partake in a ‘Sex and the City’ TV marathon. Sounds like a good weekend plan if you ask me. Who wants to join me?

Photography by: Maria Finlay


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