March 8 2016
wedding anniversary

Anthony and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary today. Though, I normally like to keep details of my marriage life private, I thought it would be fun on this occasion to share a little light and random insight into our married life. We answered these separately and it was definitely fun to read each other’s answers.

What do you admire the most about each other?

Karen: I’ve always admired his strong sense of self. Anthony knows is very comfortable with who he is and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone or to the world. This makes him a very giving husband, friend and co-worker.

Anthony: That’s a tough one, there’s so many… I’d have to say her resilience. Karen has this amazing inner strength that pushes her to overcome challenges and turn them into success. Sometimes, it may seem like stubbornness to the untrained eye, but after many lost battles I now know better.


What are your some things that annoy you the most about each other? 


He is a very exuberant talker that he gets carried away and steals my stories.

He makes the effort to load up the dishwasher but would ‘run out of time’ to unload it in the morning.

He takes every opportunity to ask for a foot massage.


She can’t seem to turn the lights off

She very clumsy! I have this natural instinct now that tells me whenever she’s about to do something clumsy.

She collects water glasses by her bedside table

She’s going to be reading this isn’t she? Oh boy…


What are your some things that you like the most about each other? 


Anthony is very funny and he can make a room full of strangers laugh.

I shouldn’t encourage this but when he farts, he let’s out this funny guilty laugh. He tries to hold his laugh in and then his eyes bulges.

He takes every opportunity to ask for a foot massage (it’s actually very cute).


The fact that she never turns lights off

The fact that she’s very clumsy.

Her collection of water glasses by her bedside
 table (Good save Anthony!)


What instantly lifts her/his mood? 

Karen: I employ this strategy that seem to work most of the time:

Step 1: Give him 5 minutes of space.

Step 2: Leave a plate of cheese and a glass of whiskey in front of his computer where he watches his favorite TV show.

Step 3: If all else fails, I do my best impersonation of his ‘bad dance’.

Anthony: Whenever she’s feeling down I have simple yet effective “emergency guide” that I follow:

Step 1: Come home with chocolates in large quantity and that are low quality (think a big pyramid of Toblerone).

Step 2: Slip a gossip magazine under her pillow (What’s up with the Kardashian these days?)

Step 3: I get her favorite flowers (white lilies or peonies)

Anthony/Karen makes a mean….? 

Karen: Anthony makes a mean burger. He gets very creative and came up with a secret recipe that’s a crowdpleaser.

Anthony: This is a trick question isn’t it? The answer is EVERYTHING. Everything she cooks is better than anyone else’s cooking (Except my mom’s of course).


What is the one thing you secretly love about each other?

Karen: I love staring at him whenever he eats cheese! His true French comes out, it’s wonderful to watch because he becomes such a passionate eater.
Anthony: As cheesy as it may sound, I love Karen’s laugh. I sometimes hear her laugh in the other room, watching TV, and it just makes me truly happy.

I love it when Karen/Anthony is dressed in…? 

Karen: He’s going to hate hearing this, but I melt whenever he is dressed in a sharp suit. He carries himself well in a suit.

Anthony: To Karen’s big disappointment I prefer her dressed in something that’s sporty/rocker. I’m not at all into the whole High Fashion s#!t.


I absolutely cannot stand it when she/he…? 

 Karen: Corrects me while I’m driving!

Anthony: I can’t stand it when she wears those pointy flat shoes. They always make me think of the ‘Evil Witch of the West’ for some reason.


What is your secret to a happy marriage? 

Karen: I’m sure he is going to say “Happy Wife, Happy Life” (which is true). But for me, the secret to a happy marriage is to never stop having fun to make each other laugh.

Anthony: “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. That and a good dosage of humor, and patience. Lots and lots of patience.



  • This is gorgeous! You guys are perfect and so cute!

  • Najmunnisa

    Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary.. May all your days be filled Love ❤️ joy & Happy 😊