December 22 2015

Dress: Zara (on-sale now!) | Turtleneck: Eric Bombard | Coat Vest: Camilla and Marc | Shoes: Converse

Ever the rebel when it comes to dress code, I decided to redefine holiday dressing. I call this one part elegant, one part cool. The result is insanely comfortable outfit, ready for impromptu dancing and room for indulgent meals.

My growing bump is not to blame for my decision to dress more casually this holiday season. It’s the fact that I  really do not like formal dressing. When I attended the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, I broke their ‘black tie formal’ dress code and wore a jumpsuit with leather jacket. During my friend’s wedding, I wore this beautiful gown with my beloved Adidas sneakers and even on my own wedding, I changed out of my wedding dress in favor of a simple white Zara dress and red converse during our reception.

Not that I don’t respect dress codes, but it’s just that I cannot handle having to go to the bathroom ever so often to fix my spanx from hiking up, readjust my chicken cutlets and or plaster band aids on my blisters. Sounds familiar ladies? How about we redefine the holiday dressing to ‘casual cool’ and wear our most comfortable piece of item with our sparkly ensemble?

I cannot wait to see the look on my mother-in-law’s eyes when I rock up to her house on Christmas Eve looking like this. then maybe I’ll blame the pregnancy… kidding!


  • So that’s the case? Quite a revaletion that is.