September 2014

OUR A380

September 28 2014

Qatar is home for almost 18 years now. Looking back, I had an incredible opportunity to have witnessed some of the country’s momentous occasions: 2006 Asian Games, the opening of Museum of Islamic Art, the first ever Doha Tribeca Film Festival, and last week, I got to witness another historical moment with the arrival of Qatar […]


September 21 2014

In my mission to finding the best burger in town, my sartorial choices have taken a back seat and have happily settled with the ‘normcore’ tribe. I’m on my way to fashion snoozeville one burger at a time folks. Even my husband has expressed distaste on my current get up and said I looked like […]


September 16 2014

What’s your favorite color? Mine is Pink. Imagine going around the world, chasing after the prettiest pinks? It may be the Cherry Blossoms in Japan, pink lake in Australia, or staying in a pink house in Greece. I certainly wouldn’t mind going on that mission simply because these places are pretty surreal, it has be […]


September 14 2014

TGIF There’s nothing I love more than waking up hangover-free on a Friday morning and spending quality time at home with the hubby. We established a morning routine that usually involves an elaborate breakfast, listening to our records and catching up on some reading in the couch followed by a nap. Last Friday is no […]


September 9 2014

September is back to school month, which also means that it’s back to work for adults. I hate to break it to you, but it’s time to ‘work b**ch!’ Kids get excited about new set of school clothes and stationery, why can’t working girls like us get excited about back to work essentials as well? […]


September 7 2014

With my 18 years of existence in Doha, not once have I been to Sheikh Faisal Museum. I’m just not an off-roading, camping, let’s get out of Doha type of girl but last weekend, I decided to break my habit of spending my weekend eating out or in a mall. Let’s go to Sheikh Faisal Museum! […]