December 17 2015

Baby Nicolet is 23 weeks and a  size of a Buche de Noel cake.

I was at my in-laws the other day and they couldn’t believe I’m already approaching 6 months. I’m entering my last month within the 2nd trimester and with the holiday season here, I have a feeling it will go by pretty quick. With this in mind, I’m determined to start working on baby projects and take advantage of this surge of energy in me. First project is rearranging the house and making room for the nursery for our future housemate. I’ve been going really heavy on Pinterest lately with nursery inspirations.

I talked  about my lack of preparation here but that quickly changed this month. What’s with the sudden wake up call? I got a much-needed kicking from Baby Nicolet! Feeling her kicks completely washed off my anxiety and was immediately replaced with excitement hence, I’ve been really active with preparing for her arrival.

My mom is also arriving this week and I’m looking forward to bonding with her and get her motherly wisdom. Here are some little updates this month.

ONE: I finally managed to keep my pregnancy acne at bay with the addition of these products to my beauty routine. The Spoiled Mama toner has a refreshing feel and a nice lychee smell, Spoiled Mama Rehab for Pregnancy Acne Blemishes works wonders in preventing new acne from popping up, and Mario Badescu Drying Cream dries out existing acne overnight.

TWO: Another weird food (or this time drink) obsession I’ve been having the Starbuck’s White Mocha. You won’t see my drinking Starbucks pre-pregnancy but somehow, that’s all I want this month.

THREE: My friend sent me the link to this documentary ‘The Business of Being Born’. I knew i want to  have a natural, non medicated birth and this documentary only solidified my decision to go this route if it’s an option.

FOUR: Signed up to a natural childbirth education class at Yama Yoga Studios. It will be good to familiarize myself with the labor process and breathing techniques that will help me during labor. I’m still looking for childbirth and post baby care workshops that my husband and I can attend to (if you have any recommendations, comment below).

FIVE: I was getting really conscious when people tell me on how ‘unpregnant’ I looked. This month though, I felt like my bump grew overnight and I’ve been living in my maternity dresses like this one from ASOS.

SIX: My first baby clothes purchase! Can you tell I will be dressing her in a lot of stripes? (like mother, like daughter). I have to really hold myself from buying baby clothes from Mamas & Papas are just too irresistible to resist.


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