November 5 2015

It’s been 1 year, 1 month and 15 days since I last had a haircut. The peril of experimenting with pixie hair and side shaved hair is that you have to enter a hair rehab. For someone who doesn’t know how to practice patience, I consider myself a saint for not letting temptations get in my way to growthville. Now that I can successfully tie my hair in a ponytail and a borderline high bun, I’m back in business!

I’ve been manically researching and saving photo inspirations online like someone whose been on hair lockdown. What have I missed? A lot it seems. Gone are the ombre and comes the Sombre?! Just like me, the bob-hairs union are on the same path of regrowth and have coined the term ‘shaggy lob’.

If you’re also looking for some kind of hair transformation this season, here are 7 Fall hairstyles to try now.


  1. SHAGGY LOB: Women whose had the blunt bobs are now transitioning into a shaggy lob. The difference with this shaggy do is the subtle layers framing the face, nothing to severe or mullet-looking.

2. SAINT LAURENT: The Saint Laurent muse has a very rock n’ roll haircut. Long full frame bangs, messy shag and a lot of attitude. Forget about trying to see with this look; don’t try to tame it, embrace it!

3. MEDIUM BLUNT: This is what I call a happy medium. Hair is healthy, simple and bouncy. Avoid making this haircut look blah by adding strategic highlights all over to create movement and texture.

4. BOMBSHELL BABE: Ladies with long hair, embrace your inner bombshell babe. Go for long layers and deep side part to create this sexy look.


  1. GOTHIC BLEACHED: Chemical bleached hair has been the rage this past few years and it’s not going away. Bleached hair is taking more of a gothic approach with long cascading hair and dark lips.

2. BRONDE: Brown Blonde. Is it the same as dirty blonde? Not quite, this is more honey textured.

3. SOMBRE: First there was Ombre, then Balayage, and now there’s the Sombre. What is the difference? A sombre is more subtle than an ombre, letting the hair merge with strategic highlights for a more natural look.


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