February 8 2017

Valentines creeps up on me every single year. I have every intention of giving something personalized and thoughtful each year but in reality, the thought of buying a present dons on me only a week before Valentines. I gave up on that romantic notion this year. Instead, I decided to look for something that Anthony might actually like here in Doha. If you’re like me, I’ve put together nine gift items that I found while out and about.

Whether this is your first or twentieth Valentines, I hope this will inspire you on what to get the special man in your life. I’ve stayed away from chocolates and heart-shaped treats as we all know these things doesn’t speak to men the same way as it does to us. I say keep the Godiva chocolates and rose candle as a treat for yourself because you deserve to feel beautiful this Valentines Day.

  1. Frank Sinantra, Come Fly With Me Vinyl Record, QR 110, available at Virgin Megastore: If your guy loves music and has a vinyl record player, a great vinyl makes for a sweet gift for Valentines Day. This Frank Sinantra album includes the classic hit song ‘Come Fly With Me’ that will make you two dream about your next holiday getaway. Perhaps ‘April in Paris’ or a romantic dinner in ‘London by Night’?.


  1. Kiwibox Universal Charging Station, QR 245, available at Gamers store in Gulf Mall: My husband’s biggest complain is that I’m always glued to my phone. I’m guilty of keeping my phone on the dining table and cheekily check my Instagram while we’re having dinner. This charging station is a great way for both of you to make ‘no phones in sight’ pact at night when you’re supposed to be spending quality time together.


  1. Artland Wine Aerating Set, QR 202, available at Lakeland: If your man loves wine or entertaining, this wine carafe has a special aerator that helps the wine breathe faster and realizes the aromas of red wines. Bonus points if you package this with his favorite bottle of red.


  1. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge, QR 80 a glass, available at Lakeland: Anthony loves to have a glass of whisky as a way to relax after work. He got this beautiful whisky glass for Christmas and he had been using it exclusively. The slanted ice cube makes any drink look fancy but most importantly, it is designed not to water down your drink quickly compared to traditional ice cubes. It’s fantastic glassware for your man’s favorite spirits.


  1. 60-min Couple’s Massage, Jaula Spa, QR 600 per person at Grand Hyatt: Is your man stressed and overworked? I find that gifting massage voucher always works because men will not think about booking themselves a massage even though they could really use one. Anthony and I favorite spa is Juala Spa at the Grand Hyatt and always come out of there feeling relaxed and centered. It’s a great way for both of you to relax and gives you a chance to have a pampering session too.


  1. Massimo Dutti, Leather Toiletry Bag, QR 349: This is another gift that men will not consider buying for themselves yet will find it super useful especially if he travels a lot for business. I love this one for its classic design and roomy interior that can fit all of his essentials including a bottle of perfume.


  1. Seagate Wireless Plus 2TB, QR 899, available at Virgin Megastore: An external hard drive with a big 2TB capacity is a very useful gift idea. From the amount of movies, music and pictures your guy collects, he will need a hard drive to store and organize all of his files in one place. This wireless version is great as you can access your files using wi-fi connection and can be accessed through Smart


  1. Jay Design Letter Board, QR 199, available at Virgin Megastore: a cute little present for home that looks manly enough to be displayed. Leave sweet little notes or in my case, I’ll be spelling out ‘Buy Diapers’.


  1. Levi’s Line 8 Track Jacket, QR 349, available at Gulf Mall: This is a classic all-year round jacket that can be used for traveling and appropriate enough to wear during Doha’s winter. It’s a simple design and fit that goes well with anything casual or even over a shirt with tie.


  • My eyes are the 60 mins couple massage …. ❤