July 23 2015


DIY Dinosaur Planter Gold Etsy

Anthony and I stayed at this beautiful Air Bnb apartment in Montreal. I fell in love with the house’s interior accents especially this gold plastic dinosaur planter in the bathroom. I’d look at it every day while I brush my teeth and wondered where the owner got it. After much inspection, I realized that it could be something I can do.

When we came back to Doha, we used our free time from Ramadan’s shortened working hours to finally decorate our home. I thought this would be the opportunity to make a DIY dinosaur planter using dinosaur toys. It’s a bit time-consuming but with a bit of music and refreshments, it’s definitely something fun to do on a weekend especially with your kids.

Scroll down for a step-by-step look at how to make this DIY dinosaur planter below.


Plastic dinosaur toys (ELC), potted cacti plants (Plaza Hollandi) or succulents, pebbles, potting soil (Carrefour), gold spray paint (Jarir Bookstore), paint primer (Jarir Bookstore), knife, marker.


Step 1: Mark where you will need to cut a hole on the toy. Make a hole big enough to fit the plant.

Step 2: Using a cutter or a Leatherman knife, slowly and carefully cut around the marked area. The plastic is pretty tough so ask for help if needed.

DIY Dinosaur Planter Gold Etsy Cacti

Step 3: Spray primer on the toy and let it dry.

Step 4: Spray two coats of gold spray paint making sure the toy is evenly coated. Let it dry in between coats.

DIY Dinosaur Planter Gold Etsy Cacti Succelent

Step 5: Fill in stones or pebbles on the base of the planter (it adds weight).

Step 6: Pour some potting soil leaving space for the potted plant.

DIY Dinosaur Planter Gold Cacti Succelent Etsy

Step 7 and 8: Depot the cacti, transfer and plant inside the toy. Fill in more soil as needed.

Voila, DIY dinosaur planter!

DIY Dinosaur Planter Gold Etsy Succelent Cacti

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions on the process, leave a comment below or like it by clicking on the heart button.


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