November 23 2014

Sleeveless Coat: Camillia and Marc | Top: COS | Skirt: Zara | Bag: Fendi | Shoes: J.Crew | Bracelet: Cartier

Work, work and more work. That’s been the subject of my life these past few months. One can understand that once you’ve dug yourself deep into your work, it’s a challenge to join civilization again. I got my rude awakening a few weeks ago having realized that the impending holidays is just around the corner, and I have no Christmas tree up or blog content created yet. Time to dust off my blogging hat and put my multitasking skills to the test.

So now life is no longer ‘work, work, work’ but ‘work, blog, work, blog’. I must admit the organized freak inside me is on a multitasking high. Calendars are color-coded; tasks on a pretty checklist and a portable office tucked inside my bag. My Fendi 3Jours is my little bag of tricks. Laptop? Check. Camera? Check. Notebook? Check. Pens? Check.

Fashionably on the go? Check. I’ve got this whole multitasking thing in the bag.


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  • Love the bag!!! So much!!

    • Thank you, it’s available at the Fendi store in Villaggio.

  • Natasha Andishi

    Love the bag….Pictures 5, 6 and 7 are in my colleges cafe, she thanks you for the free advertising…lol

    • please tell your colleague that I like their coffee at Atelier Cafe.

  • Keiah

    OMG where is your boy chanel iphone case from? i want one!

    • Hi Keiah, I got this from Bali but one of my readers recommended an Instagram account where you can buy cool iPhone cases including this one called instaglamqatar.

  • Fab outfit, the handbag is superb!