August 6 2013
Glitter Ombre Nails_Cover

Pink nail polish: Essie French Affair| Glitter: Martha Stewart Glitter set

Top tip: I've tried countless glitter nail polishes but nothing gives a strong effect compared to loose glitter. Loose glitter is great for that nice coverage and stays on and doesn't chip.

It’s always nice to get a professional manicure but what’s more fun is getting to play with different colors (and glitters!) and perfecting a simple nail art design. I have a deep affinity for anything glitter even when it comes to nails. Here I’ve illustrated a simple glitter ombre nail art perfect for a special occasion (like Eid Al-Fitr) or if you just want to add a little sparkle in your life.

You can do this with any nail color or glitter color you like. Follow this 6 easy steps to achieving this look.





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