September 17 2017
summer dress

I’ve always had a multifunctional approach to fashion. I believe in wearing pieces multiple ways and also wear them throughout the season. A summer dress is an overlooked item, but holds an endless appeal to me because it’s something I wear throughout the season. We all have that summer dress that we scored on sale […]


July 26 2015
Montreal J.Crew Osman Street Style Plateau

I always feel at home whenever I’m in Montreal. Instead of staying in a hotel, Anthony and I prefer staying in an Air BnB apartment, so we are close to our favorite neighborhood. We skip on the touristic activities, instead, living the life of Montrealers. Our typical day would start with walking to the nearest […]


July 16 2013

Montreal is a city close to Anthony’s heart having lived there years ago. This trip was planned for me to see the city, meet his friends and experience the lifestyle especially in the summer.  Having no expectations or idea in my mind of what it would look like, I was completely captivated by the charm […]


July 7 2013

They say that once you’ve chopped off all your hair, you won’t be able to stop. That is exactly how my pixie hair evolved. I wanted it cut shorter and shorter, and then came the sudden temptation to do a side shaved pixie cut. The whole experience was terrifying at first especially seeing your hairdresser […]


July 5 2013

Ahhh Montreal, it is by far my best summer holiday experience. The city combines everything I love from fashion, music, food, and laid-back atmosphere. Instead of visiting the city like tourists, we threw our travel itinerary and followed how Montrealers spend their summer in the city. This week has been about waking up naturally, having […]