October 3 2012

Our house is still undergoing decoration, as it doesn’t feel quite complete yet. We have yet to fill our gallery wall, decorate a dead space in our living room and recently, we finally put up a massive art piece on our wall. When we were decorating our house, we knew we wanted to have a […]


August 8 2012

  It’s evident that Anthony and I are the biggest nerd couple and these illustrations from artist Nicole Martinez speaks true to our kind of nerdy love. I’m sure there’s an illustration that will release the inner geek out of you. Here are my personal favorites:    


August 2 2012

With the weird Ramadan working hours, it felt strange to be out running errands at 9 PM where I’m typically slumped in our sofa watching TV post dinner. But regardless of the running around we had to do, one night, Anthony and I decided to make rosemary infused popcorn and watched ‘Death Valley’ marathon. This week, I […]


April 16 2012

When you live in Doha for so many years and you’re surrounded by just sand and sand color buildlings, you grow a stronger appreciation for color and street art.  Whenever I travel, half of my photo album are images of street graffiti I see on the street and there’s a relatively new form of street graffiti that is causing […]


April 9 2012

I’m always blewn away by artists who uses unique mediums for their art. With a rake as his only tool, Andres Amador uses the beach as his canvas. Tackling the beach as early as 6am on a full moon to ensure lowest possible tide, Andres Amador has 1-2 hour window to work on a 10,000 square feet sand painting. I […]