April 4 2017

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Naomi Moon Nicolet is 1 year old today!

It’s true what they say, the days are long but the months fly by and here she is, already 1 year old. This year felt like such a blur and at the same time I’ve never felt so awake in my life. This is the first time that I’ve ever felt so much love, that it hurts, that I feel physical and emotional pain right through my bones, and it’s also the first time I truly understand what it’s like to be present in the moment, that I find peace and solace in her embrace.

But most importantly, I feel so lucky to bear witness to Naomi’s development from the time she was in my womb to her transition into this bright, funny, kind little girl she is today. Last night, she fell asleep on my chest for the first time in a very long time and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness and love at the same time. I was overwhelmed by the thought that the tiny baby I once held against my chest has turned into this little person… that walks!

Her birthday celebrations started this week and I’m going to savour these moments with her and my family. We will be celebrating her birthday with our tribe of friends and family this Saturday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and I can’t wait to celebrate with the people who love her a lot.

Naomi at 12 months

But in the meantime, in celebration of our little lapin’s birthday, here are some sweet memories of her growing personality at 12 months:

Personality: The once shy and reserved baby has transformed into a sweet and social girl that likes to say hi to absolutely everyone we pass on the street. She loves grabbing the attention of waiters when we’re at a restaurant and even on occasion reaches out to ask them to carry her, which shocks me because she doesn’t even do that to my mom!

I am also seeing more of my personality in Naomi. Whether it be mastering a new skill or stubbornly refusing to eat something she doesn’t want, she knows what she wants and expresses it quite clearly. She does this karate block move whenever she doesn’t want to do something or eat her veggies.

Funniest thing she does: She came up with a whole new set of facial expressions that absolutely cracks us up. Our absolute favorite is her sour face and when she bats her eyelashes as if she’s trying to tell you something really important.

Her favorite word: “WOOOW!” in a whispery tone.

Likes: Shopping! She got that from her mama. This girl knows how to browse and even picks out clothes from the rack.

Biggest Milestone: Walking! She started by taking a few steps here and there at the beginning of March but she was stumbling more than walking. Then her 3 steps became 5 and soon all she wanted was to practice walking between Anthony and me. After that, it was only a matter of days before she could walk on her own without our assistance. It was a bittersweet moment because I am so proud of her as she’s always been a really determined girl but also a bit sad that she’s getting more and more independent and will soon not need me as much anymore.

Eating: We’ve got one fussy eater. She already doesn’t eat a lot and if she does, it’s only a handful of items she wants to eat which are bread, strawberries, yogurt, avocado, and hummus. We are still following the BLW weaning approach, which can be disheartening whenever I see food that she flicks on the floor.

Dislikes: Being away from mama. She’s having really bad separation anxiety that no one, not even my mom or Anthony can carry her or take care of her. She’s getting better with my mom because she sees her everyday but I have to be in the same room as them, otherwise, she’ll start crying as soon as she realizes I’m not around. Any tips to help with this separation anxiety?

She’s Learning: Her comprehension skills have really developed so we have started teaching her a few sequential things like washing her hand before each and after every meal, helping out with laundry and in the kitchen, and setting up the table even if it means peeling a banana or putting just one fork on the table. My dad built her an IKEA leaning tower for her birthday so she can help me a lot more in the kitchen.

Her firsts:

  • First time seeing a dog up close. She was absolutely scared.
  • Taste of beer. You can blame Uncle Marvin for that.
  • Proper shoes that my Mom got her for her birthday.
  • 2 of her upper front teeth are cutting through this month.
  • Sleeping through the night for about a week and then she got sick again so we are back to square one.

Thing I’m excited about her turning 1: I’m excited about the things I want to show her especially now that she comprehends a lot more. I want to take her for walks in the park, go swimming, have her explore more food, including a few treats, and more snuggles and kisses.

Naomi at 12 months

Happy Birthday to my darling girl. I love you to the Moon and back.


  • Sally Clark (Flying Food Ninja)

    Happy Birthday beautiful baby Moon!!!!!! So excited that she’s one and can’t wait to see her grow even more and evolve into a perfect young lady! <3 lucky girl to have such wonderful parents!