November 24 2015

Dress: H&M

This is probably the most exciting update: Pregnancy Gender Reveal!

Today marks 20 weeks of my pregnancy and we are officially half way done. Thinking about this sends a sense of panic to my spine since I have done nothing yet to prepare for my impending labour. Truth be told, I was not mentally prepared to enter that zone and trusted in the fact that there is tiny switch in my brain that will turn on come the time I need to prepare for labour and delivery. As of now, I’m concentrating on keeping a positive environment for me and the baby, reading parenting books, and working on getting fit. The hardest part so far is resisting the temptation of buying clothes and little nuggets after discovering the gender of Baby Nicolet. Curious? Scroll down below (no cheating).

In the meantime, here are little updates on my pregnancy this November

Pregnancy Update

ONE: Anthony was tasked to research and order essential pregnancy books and he did a great job with these choices. Jo Frost’s Confident Baby Care is a no non-sense practical guide on baby care, Sleepeasy Solution is apparently a no-fail method of getting your child to sleep through the night and regulate naps, and Happiest Baby on the Block DVD helped millions of parents on how to calm their baby.

TWO: I discovered this ginger thins while in Ikea when I started feeling queasy. It’s been my pantry staple ever since whenever I need a sugary treat. I also discovered this Green tea latte recently and I’m hooked.


Pregnancy UpdateTHREE: Although my bump is not really pronounced yet, I’m already starting to have trouble sleeping on my back. I love this pregnancy pillow as it supports my back and eases hip pain. I can totally see myself using this post-pregnancy too!

FOUR: I started this DVD when I was on my third month and have been doing the exercises religiously. It’s an easy 20-minute workout that concentrates on strengthening your core and lower back, lower body and arms. It also offers alternative moves as you get further along with your pregnancy.


Pregnancy Update Gender Reveal

FIVE: Baby Nicolet is a girl! Although we were not partial on a specific gender, having a baby girl got us really excited. I’m going to have fun dressing her up and Anthony is also really excited on getting her in pink Darth Vader costume. #babyclumsychic on the way!


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