September 15 2015


DIy leather notebook

Make a stylish back-to-school return or even update your boring office notebook with this simple DIY leather notebook.

When I was in grade school, my favorite back to school activity was shopping for my school supplies and decorating my notebooks. I was obsessed with everything Hello Kitty and since we couldn’t afford getting 10 notebooks from Sanrio store, I used Hello Kitty wrapping paper to cover my ugly notebooks.

My taste in stationeries have matured since then but I still love collecting notebook especially made with buttery soft Japanese paper. I saw this leather-bound notebook from Anthropologie that I considered buying but I couldn’t bear using another notebook other than my Muji ones, which I stock up on.

But the clever Asian girl in me said ‘I’ll make my own DIY leather notebook’ and give my cardboard spiral notebook a makeover! Best.Idea.Ever.

The good thing was that I already have the rest of the materials at home so all I needed to do was to get leather fabric. A cost-effective and simple DIY leather notebook? I’m always done for that.

Scroll down for a step-by-step look at how to make this DIY leather notebook.


1. Leather fabric (Jarir), Fabric shears (Ikea), Leather puncher (Jarir), Spiral Notebook (Muji), Pen or Marker in Gold (Sakura)

DIY leather notebookINSTRUCTIONS: 

DIY leather notebook

Step 1: Carefully open the spiral of the notebook, creating a gap big enough for the covers to slide off.

Step 2: Slide off both covers.

DIY Leather Notebook

Step 3: Using one of the covers as a template, draw an outline of the notebook on the back side of the leather fabric and mark the holes.

Step 4: Cut the fabric following the marks created.

DIY Leather Notebook

Step 5: Using a leather puncher, punch holes by following the outline making sure they are all aligned.

Step 6: Slide on the leather cover on both sides of the spiral notebook.

DIY Leather NotebookStep 7: Close off the spirals making sure it’s properly secured to get the notebook intact.

Step 8: Decorate the leather notebook by drawing dots all over the notebook. Let it dry before moving on to the other side.

DIY leather notebook

And that’s it! This DIY project took 2 hours to make and it’s very simple.

DIY Leather Notebook


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