March 4 2013

Photo credit: Magnolia pictures

Last January Anthony and I had planned to travel to Vietnam. We had our itinerary finalized and hotels selected. The day when we were supposed to buy our tickets, Anthony tempted me to watch a documentary about the best sushi in the world that’s located in the subway in Tokyo. YES PLEASE!

‘Jiro’s Dream of Sushi’ follows 85 year-old sushi master Jiro Ono in his lifelong pursuit to achieving perfection in the art of sushi. His philosophy is simple; serve the best and freshest ingredients using perfected technique right down from brushing the soy sauce. The film will leave you drooling as you see an almost orchestrated close up shots of sushi being prepared and served. The 20-piece sushi meal is individually crafted, fish finely cut to perfection and patted to the rice with the right technique and finishing it with a glaze of soy sauce. The film will leave you wanting to travel to Tokyo just to taste Jiro’s sushi… and that is exactly what we did.

The moment the documentary finished, Anthony and I looked at each other and it all happened on that day. We changed our travel plans and set out to go to Tokyo just to taste Jiro’s sushi. Getting a reservation was not as easy as calling from abroad. Reservations are taken a month in advance and you must have a confirmed hotel booking and have the hotel make the reservation for you. We hounded our hotel concierge almost everyday and on 1 February, the hotel couldn’t get through and we missed our window, the restaurant was fully booked for the entire month of March in the morning of 1st of February. It’s not all tragic story though; we did manage to get a table in his son’s restaurant in Roppongi Hills and I’m sure it’s going to be a culinary experience. Maybe we’ll swing by Sushi Sukiyabashi Jiro to get a glimpse of the master Jiro Ono.






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