June 17 2012

Vanessa Bruno blouse, J Brand jeans, Zara sandals, Chanel bag

Confession time: I’ve been saving up to buy a classic Chanel bag for years.

I knew exactly what I wanted- black, lambskin, small size with silver chain. I was so close to buying it last year while I was in France but I chickened out and felt guilty to make such an extravagant purchase. This year, I’ve had so many blessing and remarkable moments that it felt like a momentous time to celebrate with my dream purchase. When I was in Cannes Film Festival this May (which falls on my birthday every year), I went with one of my girlfriend Alex to their store at the Croisette and purchased my first ever Chanel bag. Of course, we acted like ladies inside the store but was giggling and jumping in the street as we made our exit.

It made its debut in Italy for our honeymoon and it still makes me grin like an idiot whenever I stare or feel the softness of it.

Gifted vintage necklace that has a clock!


Hermes bracelet, gifted bracelet from my mother-in-law


My baby coco